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Fabric Downproof Impact Tester
Product Information:

The Drill Flocking Performance Tester could test down and/or feather penetration through the primary tick fabric of a specimen containing feather and/or down filling, mainly for the liner material, feather or fibers of winter clothes, down jacket, quilts and other bedding. Controlled by microprocessor, automatically alarm and stop as the test finished. With LED liquid crystal display counter, a level calibration system to ensure the equipment running aclinicly,Transparent safety hood for safe operation and for convenient observation in real time.


Before testing the down-proof property of fabrics, turn the specimen into a bay-type with a certain quality of feather and down inside. Put the specimen into the rotating box while the rotating box is also loaded into hard rubber balls. The rotating box tumbles at a certain speed, bring the rubber balls to a certain height to drop and impact the specimen, which simulates all kinds of squeezing, rubbing and colliding effects of feather and down products in the service process. The down-proof property of fabric is then evaluated by counting the number of down and feather penetrating outside from the specimen inside.


the down-proof property of fabrics refers to the fabrics performance to prevent down and feather from leaking out from the yarn gap. The instrument is suitable for the down-proof property test of various fabrics of lining materials and shell fabrics used for feather and down filled products. The tester consists of a rotating box with forward and reverse rotation and motor control assemblies. The rotating box is made from organic glass material, a cube with smooth internal wall. The instrument has functions, such as intelligent presetting of number of revolutions, automatic stop upon full revolutions, etc.